Budge Huskey

Longtime residents of Sarasota will no doubt recall a lawyer who was among the first to blanket the airwaves with an offer to refer viewers to an attorney. For free, even! If you were like me, you viewed with comical cynicism, wondering who in the world would use an 800 service to select the person representing them in such matters of consequence? Apparently, the joke was on me as that same attorney was soon building an enormous Gulf-front mansion on Siesta Key while I was still schlepping my beach chairs down to the sand from my car in the public lot.

To this day, I still wonder why someone would use such a referral service, but it’s clear I must be in the minority. Since that time, it seems that similar referral schemes have cropped up across a spectrum of services. And yes, real estate was not to be spared.

Source Google News