SEATTLE – Seattle landlords must soon provide six months’ notice of rent. The Seattle City Council approved the bill on Monday. It’s are the latest of new landlord-tenant regulations including bans on some evictions and the right to a lawyer for low-income tenants facing eviction, The Seattle Times reported.

Council member Kshama Sawant says it will help “to mitigate the harm that is going to be experienced by renters because of skyrocketing rents.”

Property owners argued the measure could push small-scale operators to sell their rentals.

The council approved a bill requiring 180 days’ notice of rent increases with a 7-1 vote. Landlords are currently required to give 60 days’ notice for rent increases.

iFIBER ONE News reached out to Moses Lake Mayor David Curnel who is a former landlord. 

“I don’t see anything wrong with that, I don’t know if citizens here would go with that,” Curnel told iFIBER ONE News.

Curnel went on to say that landlords in eastern Washington are fierce about maintaining more control over their properties.

“If someone brought it to council (city council), we could talk about it,” Curnel added. “I don’t think it would go here, but I don’t think it’s unfair.”

Dan Eilers, a longtime landlord and property owner in Grant County believes that kind of requirement is “unfair.” 

“That’s too much time, I don’t think that’s fair,” Eilers told iFIBER ONE News. “Eilers believes says a lot of landlords are small operators and believes it would prompt many to sell their properties. 

Landlords typically raise rent when the county assessor raises property taxes. Eilers says the assessor doesn’t event give six months notice to landlords when they are notified of property tax increases. 

Source Google News