Lima — Individuals who recently applied for a marriage license at the Allen County Probate Court are:

Lima’s Hunter Howard and Bluffton’s Gabriel Snyley. Rima’s Ricardo Gambrel II and Collina Cowden. Both are Gomer’s Casey Sipes and Ian Brown. Michael Upshaw and Monet Peterson, both Lima. Benjamin Wolf and Amber Nance, both Lima. Jimmy Newsom and Ruby Laughlin, both Cairo. Kyle Perine and Melinda Kunklmann, both Lima. Douglas Austin and Helen Fink, both Lima. Joseph Watson and Caroline Lombardo, both Lima. Timothy Harris of Lima and Carla Meister of Hanford, California. Trent Jones Jr. and Kylie Roygers, both Lima.

Joshua Cozadd and Brittany Ankerman, both Bluffton. Alexander Turner and Emily Crow, both Lima. Jerry Lawrence and Linda Levan, both Lima. Jan Butler and Ruth Winget, both Lima. Daniel Silverthorn and Heath McClintock, both Harrod. Kennedy Arnto and Brett McEldownney, both Lima. Dylan Coppler and Daniel Cook, both Lima. Lima’s Tyler Meeker and Wapaconeta’s Jessica Raman. Kevin Martin and Stacy Gasser from Delphis. Tyler McLaughlin and Caitlin Heinze, both Bluffton. Adam French and Megan Allcorn in Lima.

Austin Lauck and Neia Nagy, both Lima. David Fel and Masha Henderson, both Lima. Adam Troyer and Chloe Nulton, both Elida. David Martin and Kimberly Salsbury, both Lima. Matthew Myers Jr. and Dotty Rumer, both Lima. Joshua Ahrmann and Alexica Oard, both Elida. Bluffton’s Benjamin Nai and Malena Murray. Keegan Rayman and Jenna Thierry, both Lima. Montes White and Nicole Lamb, both Lima. James Wilson and Marissa Ritter, both Lima. Stephen Hodler II and Cynthia Swanny, both Lima. Jordan Nightingale and Page Askins in Allen Park, Michigan.

Justin Bicknell and Nicole Lunyan, both Lima. Kevin Lane and Jessica Daily, both Lima. Gary Hofner of Lima and DeeAnn Hosmer of North Baltimore. Shane Thomas and Samantha Clinton of Delphis. Karl Clark and Bobby Hall, both Lima. Donovan Meyer and Ashlyn Armand, both Lima. Brent Wilson and Keila Redman, both Lima. Tanner Breneck of Lima and Ali Ricker of Plain City. Justin Goens and Tracy Spaugy, both Lima. Dustin Diller and Tiffany Joakham, both Lima. James Durebon and Connie Jones of Lima.

Marriage license submitted to Allen County Probate Court

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