A landlord bizarrely pointed over a tenants belongings rather than remove them and a TikTok video of it has gone viral and been watched more than 2.8m times.

TikTok user “Aubriously214” shared the video on the social media platform that showed a set of white shelves at her new apartment.

But when reached for the shelf and lifted up a white box it turned out to be a packet of raisins that he been spray painted over.

She then picked up a fun-size Milky Way candy bar  that had also been painted over on one side, and underneath it the shelf was unmarked.

“The handymen at my apartment spray-painted over the previous tenant’s snacks,” wrote Aubriously214 in a caption.

TikTok users were quick to poke fun at the paint job, seemingly done in Charleston, South Carolina.

“He got paid to paint, not to clean. I bet the landlord tried to cut costs and just hire him hoping he’d do everything,” wrote “Hettie.”

Rachel Gibson added: “I bet they kept the previous tenant’s deposit for ‘cleaning’ too.”

“It would have required so little effort to remove that stuff,” added Mary Bruce 689.

“This is equal parts terrible and hilarious,” wrote “Hippos Can’t Swim.”

And Big Fat Meanie added: “Reminds me of the painted over roaches in the kitchen cabinets of my old apartment.”

Source Google News