Opting for a virtual Halloween party this year? Check out our spooky recommendations for video backgrounds that’ll scare anyone.

Zoom and other video call software have become part of everyone’s daily life this past year — whether you use it for meetings or talking with the family. Using video calls has made work-from-home and seeing loved ones possible. One of the most fun features of Zoom, specifically, is the ability to change your background. There are so many options out there that it’s often hard to pick just one.

With October just around the corner, it’s time to get into the spooky Halloween spirit. Whether you’re hosting a virtual Halloween party or hopping on a work call, using fun Halloween virtual backgrounds is a great way to get into the spooky spirit. Here are 25 fun Halloween virtual backgrounds to download and use.

The best Halloween virtual backgrounds

1. A spooky crow: Caw! Caw!

black crown Halloween virtual background

2. Classic jack-o’-lanterns: Jack-o’-lanterns are as much a part of Halloween as a fat guy in a suit is to Christmas.

3. Harry Potter: You’re a wizard, reader.

4. A haunted house: This haunted house isn’t as scary as when you were a kid, but it’s just as fun!

5. Some spooktacular backgrounds: This is a spooktacular choice.

6. A Schitts Creek background: Dressing up as David or Moira? These backgrounds will complete your Halloween look.

Rose Apothecary Halloween virtual background

Source: Twitter/@SchittsCreek

7. A spooky graveyard: Rest. In. Candy.

8. Vampire coffin: This background is one of the few times a vampire can see daylight.

9. The Addams family: They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together ooky. The Addams family.

10 A creepy hallway: Don’t be too scared, you aren’t actually there.

11. Rock out with the skeletons: This music is to die for.

12. Ghostly dogs: Dogs dressed as ghosts, do you need anything else?

dogs dressed as ghosts Halloween virtual background

13. Candy corn: Whether you love it or hate it, candy corn is the candy of Halloween.

14. Virtual hayride: Give some serious nostalgia vibes with this adorable background.

15. Gourds: Looking GourdGeous!

16. Spells: Grab your grimoires as it’s time to cast some spells.

book of spells Halloween virtual background

17. Black Cats: Salem, is that you?

18. Corn fields: Who doesn’t love a maize maze?

19. Hocus Pocus: Thackery Binx!!

20. Witches: Witch, please.

witch Halloween virtual background

21. Ouija board: Call on the spirits with this fun background!

22. Trick or treat?: Trick or treat, smell my feet.

23. Candy!: This background will make you salivate.

24. Full moon: Beware the full moon to all werewolves out there.

25. Happy Halloween: Happy Halloween to everyone this Hallow’s Eve.

Happy Halloween virtual backgrounds

How to set up your Halloween virtual background

If you’re using Zoom, changing the background is very easy. However, if you aren’t quite sure how to do it here are the simple steps to apply these fun backgrounds.

  1. Download any of these backgrounds to your computer
  2. Log into your meeting
  3. Go to the bottom left-hand corner and click the up arrow next to the button that says “Stop video”
  4. When the options appear, click “More” and then “Change virtual background”
  5. Go to “add image” and select your preferred photo, and there you have it — your new Zoom background

Scary background? Check

As a renter, a background check is stressful, but this is one that we’re all here for. Whether you go out or stay in this upcoming holiday, you’ll be festive and fun with these stylish Halloween virtual backgrounds.

Source Google News